History of the Roma: Myths and hard realities

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Old habits die hard – especially if one is not even aware of them. Research has shown again and again that the Roma remain the most discriminated minority in Europe. A historian does not find this surprising. The exclusion of the diverse Roma and Traveller groups has a centuries-old history, connected to the deep structures of the European societies. From late medieval times onwards, the Romani people have been  marginalised and persecuted, whether in the context of vagrancy laws, nationalism, racial doctrines, border control, or of European integration. read more

Tampere – Big City of Smooth Living, Responsibly Leading Development


The vision of the City of Tampere by 2020 is to be a big city of smooth living which is responsibly leading development.  This responsibility encompasses a promise to develop the growing city in a sustainable way. With customer-oriented services, making environmentally responsible choices and know-how Tampere wants to become a pioneering city which offers its inhabitants the opportunity for an environmentally friendly life-style. The City of Tampere is committed to a number of ambitious climate and environmental goals and it has decided that the principles of sustainable development should be taken into account across the board by undersigning the Aalborg commitments. The Tampere region has a regional climate strategy which includes actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and, according to the EU mayors’ climate commitment, the city is also committed to a 20% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2020. read more