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How to travel to Tampere, Finland


Flight connections to Tampere Airport are good. Direct flights are available, for example by Air Baltic, Blue1, Finnair or Ryanair. Please book your flights all the way to Tampere. The main hub in Finland is Helsinki, which is by air only 30 minutes from Tampere. Bus or train connections from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Tampere are also very good if you decide to fly to Helsinki first.

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Wagtail – migratory bird

The wagtail is the provincial bird of the Tampere Region

Wagtails are small birds with long tails which they wag frequently. Wagtails are slender, often colourful, ground-feeding insectivores of open country in the Old World. They are ground nesters, laying up to six speckled eggs at a time. Among their most conspicuous behaviours is a near constant tail wagging, a trait that has given the birds their common name.

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