Sustainable Conference

Sustainable Conference

The organisers of the 2013 International Metropolis Conference are committed to designing, organising and implementing the conference in a way that minimises negative environmental impacts and leaves a positive legacy for the host community.


Practical steps

  1. The Conference venue, Tampere Hall is located in the heart of the city and within walking distance of the conference hotels and social events. Green policy of Tampere Hall.
  2. Several hotels in Tampere are certified with Nordic Ecolabel ecolabel. These hotels are marked with (eco) in the registration form.
  3. Tap water in Finland has been found to be significantly purer than bottled drinking water. Participants are encouraged to drink fresh tap water by handing out reusable water bottles on the conference site.
  4. In the lunch and dinner menus the priority is given to locally grown, organic and low processed food.  Participants can minimize the CO2 emissions also by choosing the vegetarian menu in the registration form.
  5. In order to avoid empty plates and food waste participants are asked to register for social events and study visits as well as to cancel in case they are not able to attend.
  6. The City of Tampere was the first in Finland to be awarded the status of Fairtrade City in 2008. Fair trade tea and coffee are served during the coffee breaks at the conference site. Fair trade wines will be available at dinners. Read More
  7. Conference bags are made of  recycled materials. The bags are sown by immigrant women at the Multicultural training workshop in the Nekala parish hall in Tampere.
  8. Conference name tags are made from recycled materials
  9. The participants can lower the CO2 emissions by reading the final programme only in electronic format. This choice is available in the registration form.
  10. In addition to locally produced food and materials also the art performances will be local.

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Wagtail – migratory bird

The wagtail is the provincial bird of the Tampere Region

Wagtails are small birds with long tails which they wag frequently. Wagtails are slender, often colourful, ground-feeding insectivores of open country in the Old World. They are ground nesters, laying up to six speckled eggs at a time. Among their most conspicuous behaviours is a near constant tail wagging, a trait that has given the birds their common name.

(source: Wikipedia)