A New “Guide to Ecological and Ethical Services in Tampere”

For every consumer interested in a sustainable way of life, a new Guide to Ecological and Ethical Services in Tampere has been released. The guide introduces different Tampere region shops, restaurants, cafés, hair dressers and hotels which offer sustainable goods and services in accordance with ethical and environmental values. In addition to the business introductions, the guide offers information on sustainable consumption, various eco-labels and fair trade. Metropolis Conference participants can benefit from this guide when getting to know Tampere and the ecological services it has to offer. Tampere aims to be an eco-efficient and an environmentally friendly city that offers its citizens and visitors alike the chance to make ecologically viable choices. The new Guide to Ecological and Ethical Services in Tampere is available for example from Tampere-Hall and from Visit Tampere Tourist Information.


Furthermore, Guide to Ecological and Ethical Services in Tampere offers information on Fairtrade. Fairtrade provides consumers a simple way of both reducing global poverty and influencing positively on the lives of the people living in developing countries. The fair compensation paid for the products and better working conditions provide the farmers with a possibility of making a living in their home country. The extra income that Fairtrade generates, enables the Fairtrade cooperatives to create better working and living conditions and also to develop local schools and health services. The use of child labour is prohibited which enables the families with an increased income to send more of their children to school. When salaries are sufficient and working conditions are in order, people are not forced to leave in hopes of gaining a better income elsewhere. Consequently, emigration and all the difficulties connected with it are significantly reduced. 

Guide to Ecological and Ethical Services in Tampere is published by the Fairtrade City Project, one of the 2013 International Metropolis Conference partners. The conference catering uses ethically produced products and information on Fairtrade is available at the venues. In 2008, Tampere was the first city in Finland awarded with the Fairtrade City status. By the decision of the City Council, Tampere has committed itself into promoting fair trade in its acquisitions and into couraging its citizens, personnel, organisations and businesses towards ethical and fair choices.      

Guide to Ecological and Ethical Services in Tampere is accessible online in www.ekona.fi or you can read the guide here: 

Enni Leppälä
Project Coordinator
City of Tampere

Wagtail – migratory bird

The wagtail is the provincial bird of the Tampere Region

Wagtails are small birds with long tails which they wag frequently. Wagtails are slender, often colourful, ground-feeding insectivores of open country in the Old World. They are ground nesters, laying up to six speckled eggs at a time. Among their most conspicuous behaviours is a near constant tail wagging, a trait that has given the birds their common name.

(source: Wikipedia)