• The International Metropolis Conference is a forum for discussing and developing research, policy and practice on migration and integration. From 9th to 13th of September 2013 the Metropolis Conference will take place in Tampere, Finland.
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Thank you for visiting Metropolis 2013 in Tampere, see you in Milan 3.-7.11.2014!

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Under the Programme -page you find the information about the Plenary speakers and the Workshop topics.The Workshop Program has been updated!


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Welcome to Tampere, Finland

The 2013 International Metropolis Conference convenes experts and influencers of immigration and diversity from all over the world to Tampere, Finland.

The International Metropolis Conference offers a versatile programme including the best possible experts as plenary speakers, interesting site visits and most enjoyable evening and social programme as well as pre and post conference tours.

On behalf of the City of Tampere, and everyone involved in the organising work, it is our pleasure to invite you to join the International Metropolis Conference in Tampere, Finland, from 9 to 13 September 2013.

Perttu Pesägreening
Director of Major Event Office
Chair of the Local Organising Committee

Marja Nyrhinen
Head Co-ordinator of Immigrant Issues
Secretary General of the Local Organising Committee


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Timo P. Nieminen

Timo P. Nieminen

Wagtail – migratory bird

The wagtail is the provincial bird of the Tampere Region

Wagtails are small birds with long tails which they wag frequently. Wagtails are slender, often colourful, ground-feeding insectivores of open country in the Old World. They are ground nesters, laying up to six speckled eggs at a time. Among their most conspicuous behaviours is a near constant tail wagging, a trait that has given the birds their common name.

(source: Wikipedia)